Four Tips to Build Muscle Fast

Four Tips to Build Muscle Fast

If you are serious about building muscle, we have the supplements clinically proven to help you on your fitness journey. Our research team has four tips and supplements that will get you the fastest results.


Consistent Resistance Training

By far the most important aspect of building muscle is consistent resistance training. Although this is the simplest and most obvious step in muscle growth, training consistently is the hardest because it requires dedication and hard work. Your body needs a reason to grow muscle. By consistently pushing your muscles to the limit, your body will respond by signaling muscle growth to meet the increasing demand.

Increase Protein Intake

The muscles in your body are made of protein molecules. If you want to build muscle, consuming more protein is a must. The easiest way to ensure your body has enough protein to build muscle after training is from a high-quality protein shake. MusclePharm's Combat Protein shake has 25 grams of protein from 5 different sources, tastes great, and is a great value at only 74 cents a serving.

Consume Amino Acid

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein molecules and are used to repair damaged muscles and build new muscle (you can learn about them more in depth here). Your body can get amino acids from digesting protein molecules; however, a secret to building muscle faster is having free amino acids ready for your body to use before a workout. BSN's Amino X  is a standard in the fitness community and taking a serving before a workout will prime your muscles for growth. 

Choose The Right Pre-Workout 

Pre-Workout seems to be everyone’s favorite supplement to take before the gym. Although having a nice energy boost before a workout is nice, energy is the least important job of a pre-workout supplement. The market is saturated by garbage pre-workout supplements that offer little more than a caffeine overdose. Choosing a good pre-workout with quality ingredients will help your body be ready for lifting, slow muscle fatigue, and aid in a fast recovery. C4 Ultimate has properly dosed ingredients that will maximize your results from a workout.

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