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Fury X (20 servings, 505 grams)

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Simple, Clean, Effective Pre-Workout

Ingredients 8.0
Effectiveness 7.5
Flavor 7.5
Value 7.5
Price per Serving: $1.85 
Pros: Fury X contains no proprietary blends, clearly indicating exactly how much of each ingredient is included - and it's a good amount of everything.
Cons: Not adding extra flavoring means it's not the most pleasant taste.
Recommended for: People looking for a clean, effective stimulant source for their workouts.
Favorite Flavors: Australian Gummy Snakes, Star Candy

The fundamentals matter. Doesn’t matter if you’re talking basketball, ballet, or pre-workouts, the fundamentals matter. It’s a fact that often gets lost. But not on us – not for FURY X.

For us, the fundamentals are clear: ingredients with a body of literature demonstrating their efficacy, included in non-redundant formulas, in clinical serving sizes. And it’s a funny thing about the fundamentals: when you do them right, they produce something explosive, something significant, something that sets the standard for all products in its category. In so many words, you produce FURY X.

By following the fundamentals, we have produced a pre-workout product that, like its predecessor FURY Extreme, sets the bar for sustained energy, explosive pumps, actual performance benefits, and increased stamina and endurance. In one serving, you receive effectively what other performance products deliver in two: a full clinical serving of creatine monohydrate, l-citrulline, and l-tyrosine. And then, because we’re Core Nutritionals, we throw in a full energy blend with two molecularly similar but pharmacologically-distinct extracts of Camellia kucha (TeaCrine® and Dynamine®), caffeine, and choline. Oh, and did we mention the pumps? Because you’re receiving a full pump product in every serving, too, with l-citrulline, HydroMax® glycerol and betaine attached to the skin-bursting, patented nitrate N03-T®.

Who knew the fundamentals could be so sexy? Well, we did – of course.