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Animal Rage XL (30 Servings, 150 grams)

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Super Affordable, Simple Pre-Workout

Ingredients 6.0
Effectiveness 6.0
Flavor 7.5
Value 9.0
Price per Serving: $0.80 
Pros: Rage XL contains a broad amount of ingredients, everything a pre-workout should contain - and at a fantastic price.
Cons: Although it contains a wide variety of ingredients, everything is part of a proprietary blend, without any exact amounts disclosed for users.
Recommended for: People on a budget, who still want a good, basic pre-workout.
Favorite Flavors: Grape of Wrath, Mango Unchained

Animal Rage XL

When you set goals for yourself, “good enough” just doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t for us either. In the pursuit of our best formulas and your best workouts, we created Animal Rage XL, a superior tasting “concentrated” pre-workout powder designed to help you achieve PRs. When you take Rage XL before you train, you’ll feel larger than life. Animal Rage XL has a complete and loaded formula, consisting of four powerful complexes that deliver a comprehensive and precisely measured dose of energy, focus and performance nutrients. With each and every “shot” of Rage XL you throw back, you’ll get a rush of voltage straight to the head.

Quick energy is the feeling of an adrenaline surge traveling throughout your body, waking up your senses, and preparing you for your intense workout ahead. Animal Rage XL's Quick Energy Complex gets in your system in fast and furious fashion. You feel it and you're ready to train in minutes. The core of Animal Rage's Quick Energy Complex is pure caffeine anhydrous, a powerful central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. The chemical structure of caffeine is very similar to that of adenine (a component of ATP, DNA, and cyclic AMP). Essentially it's very close to being an energy metabolite and because of the structural similarities, caffeine can slip right into adenosine receptors, keeping cyclic AMP active rather than being broken down. Caffeine allows the cyclic AMP supply remains higher for longer. In short, caffeine reaches deep into the muscle cell to provide lasting power and delays the onset of muscle fatigue.

When it comes to achieving your fullest potential in the gym, when only the best workouts will do, you need to bring a complete package to the table. That package consists not only of the body, but the mind. The mind is, after all, man's most powerful weapon. If your thinking is sharp and you are focused on the task at hand, you can't be stopped. Animal Rage XL sharpens the mind and energizes the body for a potent 1-2 combo. Overcoming lethargy, breaking through plateaus, and smashing PRs – this is the purpose of Animal Rage XL.

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