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Kraken Pump Stim-Free Pre-Workout (40 Servings, 320g)

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Flavorful Stim-Free Pre-Workout

Ingredients 7.0
Effectiveness 7.5
Flavor 8.0
Value 8.5
Price per Serving: $0.75 
Pros: Stim-free formula provides pump during workout without jitters.
Cons: Ingredients may be less effective than standard pre-workout
Recommended for: People who are sensitive to caffeine or have high blood pressure.
Favorite Flavors: Bombsicle, Rainbow Candy


If you've ever stared at the ceiling all night after a pre-workout-fueled training session, thinking, "I should not have taken that caffeine", then you've come to the right place.

If you've ever prayed to the supplement industry "overlords" for a product that could improve your workouts without devastating your sleep schedule, then you've come to the right place.

If you've ever bought a supplement with an under-dosed “pump matrix”, then - you guessed it - Sparta Nutrition has something new and powerful for you.

So get ready, because stimulant-free no longer means "boring"! We're confident to say that we've officially nailed the pre-workout pump formula!

For the late-night or stimulant-free athletes out there who demand massive pumps and performance, the new Kraken Pump is your next weapon to combat sluggish, uninspired, unfocused workouts.

Kraken Pump is our answer to a question that faces supplement consumers far too often: "Does a pre-workout need caffeine to work?" Before this epic combination of stimulant-free ingredients, that may have been a legitimate question. But not anymore.