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Yeah Buddy (30 Servings, 240 grams)

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Effective Pre-Workout at a Great Value

Ingredients 7.5
Effectiveness 7.5
Flavor 7.5
Value 7.5
Price per Serving: $1.00 
Pros: Product contains fair amount of L-Citrulline, Beta Alanine, and caffeine (ideal for energy and pump)
Cons: Product is primarily a stimulant and may result in crash or jitters for some users.
Recommended for: Active individuals looking for a strong stimulant.
Favorite Flavors: Cherry Limeade, Strawberry Lemonade

All NEW Yeah Buddy!

Extreme Energy Pre Workout

The original Yeah Buddy rocked the pre-workout world by delivering INSANE energy with only 1 scoop needed and without the dreaded crash! 

Version 2 is here and better than ever featuring the newest ingredient in energy and focus technology, Dynamine™. We've combined this with Teacrine® for an energy and focus experience that you've never felt before!

  • All New Ingredient Panel
  • Powered by Dynamine™
  • 4G L-Citrulline Malate
  • Extended Release Energy
  • Only 1 Scoop Needed
  • Non-Crash Formula
  • Laser Focus
  • cGMP Certified
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.